Laundry in Vilnius

How does “Fėja Skalbėja” differ from other laundries?..

We are a wet wash laundry, so we know why laundry turns gray. From “hard” calcareous water. That’s why we have a water softening filter. Laundry washes better, rinses better and smells longer.

We know at what temperature bacteria are killed, we look at the labels of your laundry, so we match the washing temperature to your laundry, we choose the best we know. We wash in industrial washing machines with additional washing (soaking), although it takes longer, but it washes better and the result is guaranteed.

We know what ironed laundry should look like. We iron your bedclothes through an ironing roller, the drums of which heat up to 180 degrees, like an oven, so all bacteria and mites are really killed, and the bedclothes become amazingly smooth.

We dry clothes and towels in industrial drying machines, which blow hot air to shake and fluff the laundry, kill the remaining bacteria or mites, and the clothes and towels remain fluffy, as in advertising.

We iron men’s shirts with an industrial steam iron, for which steam is prepared from distilled water, so lime does not accumulate on your shirt if you iron it at home with a simple iron. Shirts become softer, easier to iron and look great after our wash.

We know how much you love your laundry, so we deliver it quickly, the same day or the next.