We provide laundry and delivery services for small, medium-sized businesses in Vilnius.

We serve:

  • small hotels (laundry, towels, uniforms)
  • barber shop (wash towels, uniforms)
  • restoranus, kavines (staltiesių, servetėlių, uniformų skalbimas)
  • spa salons (washing sheets, towels, uniforms).

We use soft water and only good products because it is important for our health and yours. We are a small company in size, up to 10 people, so we feel like a family, we are quick to respond and share information. We deliver laundry 7 days a week and on holidays, so we are more expensive. :-)

Payment by bank transfer within 5 days according to the contract, by bank transfer or in cash, according to the cash receipts order for the driver, or by card, after coming to our salon. We serve and record kilograms for a month. We issue an invoice on the last day of the month.

For service, contact or mob.telephone Linai 8 646 11922.

You can always write or call to inquire if you have just started a business and are not sure how much something weighs or what quality to buy. We will consult sincerely!

We also provide business customers with ECOLOGICAL laundry services.


Fresh and soft bed linen is one of the most important guarantees of quality sleep. It is a small, but family company that performs its work with quality and at the same time sincerely. The most important thing is that “Fėja Skalbėja” uses organic products certified by the European Union and marked with the “EU Ecolabel” mark. These are dermatologist-tested products that do not contain phosphates or allergens. For this reason, our hotel bedding is suitable even for owners of very sensitive, allergy-prone and dry skin.